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Book Review

Bible Women:

All their words and

why they matter

Image by Rod Long

Bible Women:
All their words and why they matter

(Forward Movement, 2014)

Lindsay Hardin Freeman

Reviewed by Iris Gladigau

From the preface by the author:

“We scoured seminary libraries, bookstores, bibliographies, and online articles. We sought out church leaders, scholars and primary sources about Bible women who speak, but found few leads. Our research led us to this conclusion: Until now, there had not been a systematic, reflective analysis of which Bible women talked, what they said, how much they said, and what their words might mean for contemporary Christians.”


Being led to the discovery of this void in Biblical study has resulted in a reference book of all women who have had their words recorded in the Bible, clearly organised:


  • Where each is referenced

  • Who she was

  • What she said

  • Her story – the context

  • For our consideration and what we might learn

  • For reflection


As such, this book could provide a huge amount of material for personal or group Bible Study - fifty-one women have their words recorded in the Old Testament and twenty in the New Testament.


And these are “just” the women whose words are recorded. There are so many others whose words are not reported, yet are women who complete a full understanding of the Word.


That this book is the culmination of the research by the author, who at the time was an interim Episcopal rector, and 3 members of her congregation, including a high school girl, gives me great heart; that people who are not “movers or shakers” in the theological world can still be called to find a richness in the Word that has been all but ignored for centuries.


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