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For Pastors, Chairs

& Delegates

Strictly speaking, it is the vote of Delegates that will determine a formal Convention of General Synod (CoGS) outcome.

However, if the whole church isn't kept fully aware of all aspects of the discussion around the ordination of both women and men in the church, then the necessary cultural change that will support an actual change in practice is unlikely to occur. 


While some of you are unable for different reason to make your personal position clear, your roles are critical in ensuring congregational members are aware of all that is happening. 


In particular, your specific roles include:   

  1. Taking responsibility for sharing information from multiple sources to the whole congregation regarding the ordination of women and gender equity  

  2. Ensuring the lay delegate or alternate delegate is registered for CoGS and District  Synods in a timely manner as requested

  3. Committing to be available to answer questions from all congregation/parish members regarding the ordination of women and gender equity in the LCANZ

This website is designed to help you fulfil your role; if there are other resources that you have found helpful or would like to see developed, please let us know (the form below can also be used for this).

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