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Online Prayer

Online Prayer takes place each week on


The Online Prayer group for the unity of the LCANZ and the ordination of both women and men, is led by SDC Member Maria Rudolph.


Note the new summer times for

WA 12.30pm
NT - 2pm
QLD - 2.30pm
SA - 3pm
VIC - NSW - ACT - TAS - 3.30pm
NZ - 5.30pm

To join click this link  

Please note this link changed recently so if you have any technical issues, please email Maria HERE

Prayer Requests

If you have prayer requests, please also email them to Maria HERE

Online Prayer
Latest Prayers

Latest Prayers

Prayer Points from Online Prayer
Updated August 2023

SDC Member Maria Rudolph has invited all SDC Members to pray using the prayer points that are being used during the Online Prayer sessions. While you may not be able to join in the online sessions, please use these prayer points in your own prayers:

  • Please pray earnestly for each of the members and chairpeople of the eight working groups by name - see below for the list of names.

  • Pray for the project management team and the members of CoB and GCB by name also - see below for the list of names.

  • Let us uplift each and every one of these people in prayer.

  • Let us pray for abundant blessing on each of these people, for protection of their health and that in every way they are sustained and strengthened by the Lord.

  • Let us pray that in the discussions and work of each working group, common ground can be found in Christ and for there to be a total focus on Jesus.

  • Pray for the fruit of the Spirit - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control - to be evident in and through each one of these people and that they can see in each other foremost a fellow sister or brother loved by God and made in God’s image.

  • Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and to give inspiration and insight to each one of these people.

  • Pray that the doors can be opened so our church can find a unified way in which to embrace and support the calling and gifting of all our women and men, in the ordained and all other ministry spaces in our church.

Project Team: Stella Thredgold, Tim Niewand, Tony Vong

Reference Group: David Altus (Chair),  Timothy Pietsch, Shiron Dixon

Working Group 1 – Synod Agenda and Outcomes Planning
Rev Neville Otto
Members:        Chris Antonini, Brett Hausler, Dr Gillian Heintze, Dr Nigel Long, Eloise Quinn-Valentine, Neil Bergmann


Working Group 2 – Theological Requirements
Bishop Paul Smith
Members:        Rev Dr Stephen Haar, Kathleen Mills, Rev Fraser Pearce, Maria Rudolph, Rev Tommi Vuorinen, Rev Dale Gosden


Working Group 3 – Constitutional Requirements
Faye Schmidt
Members:        Bruce Arnold, Kim Baumeler, David Dreckow, Bruce Lockwood
Consultant:     Rev Ben Hentschke


Working Group 4 – Governance Requirements
Michael Stolz
Members:        Nancy Fox, Dr Cathryn Hamilton, Rev Paul Traeger, Rev Dr Mark Vainikka


Working Group 5 – Pastoral Care
 Gary Jewson
Members:        Joanne Chamberlain, Dr Christine Materne, Rev David Wear, Sue Westhorp


Working Group 6 – Candidacy
 ALC Principal (Rev James Winderlich)
Members:        Kate Burke, Rev Ian Rentsch, Assoc Prof Lisa Schmidt, Kate Traeger, Assoc Prof Tanya Wittwer
Consultant:     Dr Christine Materne


Working Group 7 – Communications
Trevor Ruthenberg
Members:        Annissa Hansen, Linda Macqueen, Kate Burke (updated)


Working Group 8 – Finance and Budgeting
 Mel Zerner
Members:        Ben Gargett, Brett Hausler, Leanne Latz


CoB: Paul Smith, Neville Otto, David Altus (to be replaced by Andrew Brook when  installed), Lester Priebbenow, Mark Vainikka, Mark Whitfield (until September 2023), Peter Hage, Robert Bartholomaeus

GCB: Tim Stringer, Kim Baumeler, Paul Argyle, Charmaine Harch, Tim Wiebusch, Mel Zerner, Peter Zweck

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SDC Prayer

"Loving Lord Jesus,

we praise and thank you that you have gathered us here together

before your throne,

for such a time as this.

Be our Shepherd, be our Guide, Be our Sustainer.

Please open the doors that need to be opened

so that the ordination of women will be welcomed in the LCANZ,

and bring this about in a way that brings glory to You

and blessings upon every member of the church

and the world around us.

We ask all these things in Your name.”

Want to contribute?

We would love to include your prayer and praise points specific to the ordination of women and gender equity, and the healing of our church. Send us an email or via the 'Prayer and Praise points' form below.

Prayer & Praise Points

Prayer & Praise Points 

Your praise and prayer points are very welcome!

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