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Book Review

Image by Paul Arky


(Wakefield Press, 2015)

Valerie Volk

Review provided by the Author - Valerie Volk

It comprises fifteen characters, either minor in or on the edge of Bible stories, eight Old Testament and seven New, a mix of men and women, each person telling his or her own story. At the end of the book, a set of discussion questions is attached for group or private study use. 


The purpose of the book is to stimulate interest in the Bible and its treasure of stories, and also to bring to life these people and to show how relevant the issues and problems they faced are to us in today’s challenging world.

The story of Vashti from the book of Esther is one that will appeal to our members who struggle for women’s place in our church family!


If Bystanders interests people in reading the Bible, who knows where the Spirit can find a starting point?


Copies of Bystanders can be purchased from bookshops like Dymocks, Koorong, Wakefield Press or from me personally through my website where much more information about the book and the many positive reviews can also be found.

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