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Book Review

Neither Male nor Female

Dancing Hands

Neither Male nor Female

(Coventry Press, 2020)

Noel Schultz

Commendation by Dr Tanya Wittwer

At what is potentially a pivotal time regarding the ordination of women in the Lutheran Church of Australia, this book traces the steps of a journey from the unease of a younger pastor at the teaching of his church regarding the status of women, through his exploration and research on the biblical texts used to support this position and his experience of working alongside women colleagues, to his quiet hope that women will soon be welcomed into the Church’s ministry without the institution fracturing further.

The book explores the texts that have been used to deny the full personhood of women using the language and methods of interpretation congruous for those who hold different views, while not accepting the framing of the discussion given by them. It is clear about the hermeneutical principles used and recalls the discussion of the Church at specific points in history including the months following its most recent Synodical Convention.

The book furthers a conversation that is yet to reach a resolution.

Reproduced by permission of Dr Tanya Wittwer, 

Lecturer in Pastoral Theology, Adelaide College of Divinity/Flinders University, South Australia

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