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Become a Member

To receive the SDC NEWS and to access all the resources and information contained in this website,

please read the AIM & MEMBER GUIDELINES

If you are in agreement, please complete and submit the SIGN UP form.

Please note: If you are seeking to connect with us to argue against the ordination of women there will be no response. There are places and ways to engage in that discussion elsewhere.

Member  Etiquette

Membership Guidelines:

  1. to seek always to follow Jesus through the guidance of God’s word and the Holy Spirit, and bring glory to God in all that we say and do

  2. to be respectful and supportive in conversation and actions, and to ‘love our neighbour as ourselves’

  3. to always be mindful that this is a private group, and to employ appropriate confidentiality and discretion in discussing members, activities and materials with anyone outside of the group

  4. to act and speak in a manner consistent with the Aims and Statement of Intent

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